Monday, June 23, 2008

Tech Ed SEA 2008 is rolling in the thunder

During the next thunderstorm (which happens pretty often in Malaysia), reach out and grab all the thunderbolts and put it into to a box! Bring that box to the KL Convention Center and open it on August 11th 2008. That's what Tech Ed SEA 2008 is going to feel like!! woohooooo..

ok.. it'll probably fry everyone in sight but the experience alone is exhilarating don't you think?? :)

ok i get it... Corny 101.

But I tell you i'm super excite about this year's Tech Ed 2008. I'll be conducting 2 sessions this year on Increasing Security and Compliance with System Center. I plan to talk about how to use the various System Center products inline with current security practices as well as introducing the various ways and techniques you can use System Center to achieve compliance. I'm currently working on what demos i want to show but as much as possible, i want the sessions to be demo centric.

I'll be starting my rituals to the Demo Gods to go easy on me this year and i'm thinking that if i offer enough meat and a virgin goat.. hopefully.. my demos will work flawlessly. OoOommmmmmm...

If there's anything you feel you'd like to see or hear, inline with my session topic, please do leave a comment.

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