Saturday, June 14, 2008

Operations Manager Service Pack 2.. What would you want to see?

The Product Team is currently working on Operations Manager Service Pack 2. What do you think? What would you like to see personally in Service Pack 2? Please comment


Kevin said...

Great post, i have some suggestions:

- Faster console. SP1 helped, but it's still slow. I can live with it, but it gives my colleagues who are not as familiar with the system as me, the perception that the product does not perform properly.

- Custom initial resolution states on alerts (like we could in MoM2005). This is critical to us because it would enable us to, for example, filter specific alerts directly to our 2nd Level or Monitoring department instead of our Service Desk who monitors our systems 24/7.

- Better Group Population. If you have a group containing 400 explicit Windows Computer objects and add 1 the whole group has to repopulate. This makes adding computers to groups very slow.

- Better documentation and implementation of baselining. We feel that the feature was hyped when SCOM2007 was first introduced but it's been pretty silent ever since.

i'm sure i have some more. I'll add them later if i remember :-)

Anonymous said...

Make it so that alerts created by monitors that are auto resolved can't be closed manually.

ile said...

I am more about the quality than the quantity. One BIG WISH:

-Ability to EASILY create reports which use dynamically updating computer groups for the chart series members.

Compare to MOM2005:
-Create a computer group that updates dynamically
-Create a monthly report about processor usage using the computer group
-Then you have a report with a chart that has SEPARATE series for each of the computers in the dynamically updating computer group

So I can accept that it's logical in SCOM at the moment that you have the average of all of the computers cpu time in the computer group, but come on! This is still so basic stuff that it has to be built-in!

Second minor update (ofcourse more than one ;) could be the possibilty to use some sort of queue when creating alerts if you forward the alerts to another system, so if you have big problem in your network you wouldn't kill the next system with the alert rush. Also useful if you use somekind of commandlines that are fired upon alerts -> if you have 10 per second limit when firing notifications, then the alerts would build a queue and launch the notifications from the queue with the maximum rate.

Looking forward for the SP2!


John said...

There are a few things I would like in future releases.

1. A process monitoring MP.
2. The ability to create alert views with delays (like notifications).
3. A decent MP development tool. Something thing like Visual Studio for MP creation.

Максим said...

1. Fixing of a message about agent proxying.
2. Fixing an error in set-maintenancemode command with time zones.
3. More simple reports targeting system.
4. More extended web console.
5. Fixing an error of e-mail alerts. When the alert closed soon after opening (< 30 sec.) comes only messagage about closing of alert (without message about opening).

Flinchbot said...

Definitely improved reporting. Seems like I have to spend a WHOLE lot of time trying to get basic reports to produce the information I want. The templates should be more idiot proof as I am apparently pushing the idiot boundary with reporting.

Ian said...

NetBIOS name ... we still use pagers for alerts and using NetBIOS as computer name is short and direct. Also to use NetBIOS name in customizing alerts.