Saturday, February 24, 2007

MOM 2005 Installation Steps

After many brain busting trials and re-installations. This was the installation order that I found was the smoothest and did not produce any errors:

  1. Install Windows server 2003 SP1
  2. Upgrade to Windows server 2003 R2
  3. Install SQL Server 2000
  4. Install SQL Server 2000 SP4
  5. Somehow the installation of SP2 does not update the registry to reflect this change. So if you run MOM 2005 setup now, the Pre-requisite checker is going to report that you 'do not meet the minimum requirement of SQL Server SP3'. So, Change the [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MSSQLServer\CurrentVersion] registry key to "8.00.2039" or download and run this Registry script
  6. Install Visual Studio .Net 2003 (this is for creation and editing of your MOM reports)
  7. Install SQL Reporting Services (MOM Reporting rides on this)
  8. Install MOM 2005 or MOM2005 SP1 slipstreamed
  9. Install MOM2005 SP1 (if you did not install the slipstreamed version)
  10. Install MOM Reporting Services
  11. Update with SQL Reporting Services SP2
You're ready to rock and monitor!! next, launch the Administrator Console and install the Agents and Import the desired Management Packs.