Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tech Ed SEA session: Increasing Security and Compliance with System Center Part 1

So here I am basking in the Houston sun and mingling with about 7000 other people during the Worldwide Partner Conference. I got a couple of thoughts while i was walking through the sessions and thus here I am at the Wireless lounge to pen my thoughts. What happen to good ole pen and paper? Well.. i saved a tree today J

I was going through my initial ideas of what I will be presenting in Part 1 of the Increasing Security and Compliance session at Tech Ed and here are a couple of areas that I am going to be covering:

- Overall introduction on how System Center can leverage on a secure IT organization infrastructure

- Security Best Practices and how or which System Center technology can help

- A look at Operations Manager 2007 Built-with-security aspects (e.g. Run As Profiles, Reports security, encryption, mutual authentication)

- A look at Operations Manager Audit Collection Services

- A look at Configuration Manager 2007 Built-with-security aspects (native mode, firewall security)

- A look at Configuration Manager 2007 Patch Management architecture and best practices

- A look at Configuration Manager 2007 Desired Configuration Monitoring compliance reporting

- A look at Configuration Manager 2007 Network Access Protection and Remediation Services

- A look at Data Protection Manager 2007 and achieving backup compliance

This would lead in nicely to Part 2. Any other thoughts or ideas anyone?

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