Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Operations Manager 2007 SP1 Important HotFix Released

Heads up guys! The Product Team has just released a Hotfix for Ops Manager SP1 that addresses some important areas.

Please note: This patch applies to System Center Operations Manager 2007 SP1 Only

These are the problems that were identified from a couple of management packs that this hotfix will solve

  • Uable to discover CSDVersion on Windows Vista machines
  • Unable to discover operating system properties on Windows 2000 SP4
  • Agent HandleCountThreshold monitor does not restart Health service on exchange agent if HandleCountThreshold is exceeded
  • ACS Collection rule references a wrong EventID
  • Performance collection raises erroneous alerts for disabled services due to unavailable perf counters
  • A script bug prevents cluster discovery where Virtual Server Name is a subset of the Physical Server Name.

If you suffer from the following symptoms... please download and apply the patch fast

  • Dicover operating system properties on Windows 2000 SP4
  • Discover CSDVersion on Windows Vista machines
  • Restart Health service when HandleCountThreshold is exceeded
  • Collect correct ACS event
  • Discover cluster where Virtual Server Name is a subset of the Physical Server Name
  • And additionally generates erroneous Alert for Performance Data Source Module when the services are disabled

This hotfix contains four management packs. Install these management packs from an Operations Manager console.

To extract the management pack files contained in this hotfix:

  1. Copy the file: SystemCenterOperationsManager2007-SP1-KB951979-X86-X64-ENU.MSI to either a local folder or accessible network shared folder.
  2. Then run:
    SystemCenterOperationsManager2007-SP1-KB951979-X86-X64-ENU.MSI locally on each applicable computer that meets the predefined criteria.

    Note: The installation path is typically the following: Program Files\System Center Hotfix Utility

This hotfix contains the following updated Management Packs which must be imported into Operations Manager. These management packs are located in the folder noted above. (Version 6.0.6278.19) (Version 6.0.6278.19) (Version 6.0.6278.19) (Version 6.0.6278.19)

For additional information about this issue, see KB article KB951979 at

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