Friday, March 16, 2012

Windows Intune Experience: Uploading and Deploying Software

The following guide is the experience in uploading and deploying a software via Windows Intune. It is important to note that Windows Intune will execute and run the application based on its current form. If you need to perform the installation in Quiet mode, or running in the background without the user knowing, remember to enter the appropriate command line parameters to perform the quiet mode installation.

Step 1: Launch your Intune console via and click on the Software section


Step 2: From the Software administration section, click on the Upload Software link


Step 3: The Software Publisher mini app should begin downloading if it was not already downloaded before


Step 4: Sign in with your Intune admin account


Step 5: The Software Publisher wizard will start, then proceed to choose the application to be uploaded for deployment. At current, as far as I know, exe, msi and bat files are supported. Any file you can execute via command line basically…



Step 6: Proceed to enter a description


Step 7: Specify if the application needs to meet any architecture requirements of 32/64 bit and OS version



Step 8: Specify any pre-installation Detection Rules, such as if File exists, dont install, etc


Step 9: IMPORTANT! This step is where you enter the command line arguments of how you would like to execute the software. for MSI, you can use the MSI /? to assist you


Step 10: In order to receive reports on the success of the installation, specify your preference of return codes


Step 11: DO a final review and click Upload


Your software will be begin to upload to the Intune Storage. The trial of Intune will give you a storage space of 2GB. Upon purchase, you will be auto upgraded to 20GB of Storage. Additional Storage can be purchased at 1GB blocks.



Step 12: To Deploy the software, go to the Managed Software section, and click on Deploy


Step 13: Select the Install selection from the drop down menu for the specific group of your choice


Users should receive the software at the next communication cycle

The following is the user experience of receiving the software:

Step 1: User receives a notification via the Taskbar Icon


Step 2: When you click on the icon, the Install Software pop up will launch, click on Review and Install if you want to look at the choices of installing the software


Step 3: Review the software being installed and click on Install when you are ready



The important admin experience to note if you are evaluating Windows Intune to perform software distribution is that the users will have to take the initiative to launch the Install

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