Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Grabbing a file from inside a VHD

Following the post earlier of me configuring a VHD Boot of Windows 8 CP, I had gone in and created some screenshots. Because Windows 7 was still my primary work OS, I had rebooted my machine and went back into my Windows 7. I started to want to post a blogpost then realized the screenshots were in my Windows 8 VHD. How do i get them out?

Step 1: Launch Computer Management

Step 2: Navigate to Disk Management, Right-Click Disk Management, then select Attach VHD

Step 4: Browse to the VHD of choice, in my case was the Win8Beta VHD

Step 5: You should now see it as a listed disk. If you had not already done so, now assign a drive letter to it.

Step 6: You can now browse the files inside it through the drive letter.

Step 7: Go look for the files that you need, in my case, it was in the My Pictures folder in my user profile.

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