Friday, May 2, 2008

A Quick Guide to Installing the Cross Platform Monitoring BETA

This is a quick guide to installing the X Platform Monitoring that was released this week. You can download it from the connect site ( I will update it this blogpost with screenshots when i have them.

  1. Run the SetupSCX.msi setup file
  2. A "System Center Operations Manager Cross Platform Extensions" folder will be created
    Launch the Operations console
  3. Import the non-Windows Management Packs from the System Center Management Packs folder
  4. Close the Operations Console
  5. In the System Center Operations Manager Cross Platform Extensions folder, run the ImportXSLT.cmd file
  6. Then run the TransformImporter.exe file
  7. Launch the Operations Console
  8. To create the appropriate RunAs Accounts, perform the following:
  9. Go to the Administration Space and right click Run As Accounts
  10. Select the Create RunAs Account
  11. Click Next on the Opening page
  12. On the General Page, enter Privileged User in the Display name box, then click Next
  13. In the Account page, enter root as the username and the password for the root account
  14. Follow the same steps to create the Non-Privilege User account
  15. To associate the appropriate Run As Profiles, perform the following:
  16. Select the RunAs Profiles, locate and double-click the Unix Privileged Account profile
  17. Select the Run As Accounts tab and click on the New button
  18. Select the Privilege User account you created earlier, then click OK
  19. Locate and double-click the Unix Action Account profile
  20. Select the Run As Accounts tab and click on the New button
  21. Select the Non-privileged User account you created earlier, then click OK
  22. To discover systems perform the following:
  23. Go to the Monitoring space and locate the Cross Platform Servers node
  24. Click on Overview and on the details pane, click on the Discover available Unix and Linux computers link
  25. At the Welcome Screen, click Next
  26. At the Discovery Method screen, click the Add button
  27. Type in either the IP address, DNS name or address range of the computers
  28. Then enter the credentials used to SSH into the system for discovery purposes.
  29. Leave the SSH port at 22 (ensure that the SSH is configured on the non-Windows Servers), click Next
  30. Click Add for additional machines
  31. Once done, click on the Discover button
  32. Once the machines have been discovered (or not), you will be able to see a list of discovered machines
  33. Select the machines you want to install agents on (manage) and click next
  34. The screen will display the Discovery progress
  35. Click Done once .. Done

You should now be able to see the Health status of your machines. Happy monitoring :)


mdtcao said...

Hello, I think something was left out in the guide. Like creating a run as profile. As you know, you have to pick a available computer from the list but not type one in yourself. If the UNIX computer you want to monitor is not in the list, how can you successfully create a run as profile?

Is it just me?

Raymond Chou said...

hey there :) when creating a Run As Profile, you do not need to select a computer. You only need to specify an account from the list of Run As Accounts created. The Run As Profiles are used primarily for user access into the systems.