Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Join the System Center Virtual User Group

I would like to take a quick couple of minutes to let you know about a cool new community that has just been launched recently.

Its started by a good friend and fellow MVP, Pete Zerger. If you don't already know Pete, he started systemcenterforum.org.

This virtual community is for all of you that is interested to come together and share as well as be a central place for everyone to post questions and be united as one (i always wanted to say that..)

The nice thing i like about this community is that because its online, it can span geographical borders.

So check it out and join us now at the System Center Vitual User Group .. http://www.systemcenterusergroup.org/

They have also launched contest that will last till June that will award prizes like an XBox 360 and Zune to people that post the best community developed solutions. Check it out..


Let's get cracking guys!! :)

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