Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Penguin in the Windows

Today at MMS, Microsoft released news that they will be supporting Cross Platform Monitoring through Ops Mgr 2007. To give you a feel of what this means?... Through the X Platform Monitoring component, Ops Mgr is able to monitor the non-Windows OS environments such as Unix and Linux... out of the box.

I had the privilege of speaking to the product team behind the development of this and got to see a demo and i must say its looking pretty impressive. Yes.. its developed in-house. The Agent is developed using Open Source standards such as WS-MAN

This will allow Ops Mgr to natively receive alerts and report data direct from a Unix/Linux box and partners can then build management packs on top of this to support applications that sit on the non-Windows operating systems.

The BETA is available at the Connect site

A Team blog was also released today at

The second announcement was the improved connectors for HP OpenView and IBM Tivoli

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