Saturday, April 5, 2008

MP Catalog Update

The Windows 2003 Cluster Management Pack has been updated. Hurray Hurray! Time to pop yet another bottle of champagne! .. damn.. where are the glasses..

go to

Take note however that the previous MP has to be uninstalled prior to installing this one. The following has to be removed:

Microsoft.Windows.2003.Cluster.Management.Monitoring Microsoft.Windows.2003.Cluster.Management.Library Microsoft.Windows.Cluster.Management.Monitoring Microsoft.Windows.Cluster.Management.Library

If you are unaware of steps to delete.. follow this simple to follow guide.. :)

1. Locate all management packs that reference MP to be deleted. You can use MPViewer
2. Export those management packs (to back up)
3. Delete all management packs, including your custom MP files
4. Import new MP files with more recent version
5. Re-import backed-up custom management packs (referencing older version of MP within your custom MP is not a problem when newer version of that MP exists in the system)

Cluster Monitor away!!!

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