Wednesday, March 23, 2011

MMS2011: Keynote 1 - Brad Anderson

Just attended the first keynote of MMS2011 with Brad Anderson. Here are some cliff notes of what was announced:

  • Announcement and showcase of System Center Project Concero
    • A Web Based management tool directed at managing private and public clouds
    • Providing self service to application owners to manage their own cloud infrastructure from a cloud, VM or service model perspective.
    • Provides the ability to view both infrastructures on the Private Cloud and those hosted on Azure
    • Unique management perspective in managing the infrastructure "Services" rather than servers/VMs.
    • Will have built in integration with Service Manager that provides the self service portal to request for change and additional resources to the Admin
  • Announcement of Sytstem Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 Beta
    • Will have support for Xen, VMWare, Hyper-V. Possibly the only one in the market that has cross platform hypervisor management support
    • Ability to manage load balancers as part of the service
    • ability to discover bare metal computers through protocols like IPMI and DCMI and provision OS and VMs
    • VMM Service Template function - kind of like a recipe of what makes up an application service. could be mixing OS, applications etc.
    • Ability to seperate the OS and the Application so that there is no dependency. This will allow admins to update Operating Systems individually and keep lesser images; patch them seperately from the application.
    • Ability to virtualize the Application via Server App-V to achieve the seperatino of App and OS. Deployment can then be seemless for multiple environments so as not neccessary to keep multiple sets of images.
  • Announcing System Center Operations Manager Project 2012
    • Will include Network Device monitoring out of the box
    • Ability to show the connections between the network device and the servers
    • Dashboards provides views such as network device average response time etc
    • will have deep integration with AVICODE (Application Monitoring)
  • Announcing Project Atlanta is now officially knowned as System Center Advisor
    • Provides Configuration Change Management for supported applications and OS
    • At launch will support SQL, Windows Server, Hyper-V, AD
    • Agents installed on servers, report the configuration data up to the Advisor cloud service
    • Rules available to check configuration against best practices, known issues, knowledgebase
    • Responses back to the customer could be best practice advisory, hotfixes for known configuration issues
    • Tracks configuration change for the servers
    • Licensing: FREE if you have Software Assurance on the related App/OS

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