Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Re-installing Operations Manager 2007

In a recent deployment, we encountered several wierd problems. Most of them not documented. So we decided to reinstall Ops Manager and.. try again. These were the steps that we took:

  1. We used the Clean Up tool provided in the Ops Manager Resource Kit. Also downloadable. (see my other post for the link)
  2. We also used the Clean up tool to remove the Agents.
  3. Then we used SQL Management Studio to delete the OperationsMangerDB and OperationsManagerDW

We then proceeded to reinstall OpsMgr 2007.

When we came to Installing Reporting, it game us an error that said.. SRS could not be validated. This is where i remembered a tool that is provided with OpsManager that you need to run to reset the Reporting Server because a different encryption key was used.

Go to the Support Tools folder in the OpsMgr CD and copy the ResetSRS.exe utility into your HDD. Then run either:

ResetSRS.exe MSSQLSERVER (if you had installed SQL using default instance), 'or'

ResetSRS.exe InstanceName (the instance name you installed)

You will then be prompted to enter a credential to be used for authentication. Enter it using this format: DOMAIN\username

After this, launch the Report Services Configuration Wizard. You should see that the Web Authentication section is producing an error. Click on that page and click Apply.

Then Exit.

Proceed to restart the server.

Now you should be able to install OpsMgr Reporting

Hope this helps

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