Friday, March 23, 2007

A useful experience

I delivered a workshop on Operations Manager 2007 this week and it was fantastic! The amount of learning and discoveries was way beyong expectations. Here were some of the questions asked during the workshop and the answers:

1. When is MOM2005's End of life?
[ANS] Mainstream Support will end Jan 2010 and Extended Support will end Jan 2015

2. Do you need a OML to monitor an SNMP Printer?
[ANS] Yes. At the moment, you DO NOT need an OML only for devices operating at OSI Layer 3 and below (i.e., routers, switches, hubs)

3. Does Audit Collection Service need a seperate license?
[ANS] No. ACS licensing is part of the OML license

4. Can Audit Collection Service Database be installed on the same server as the ACS Server?
[ANS] Yes. but it is not recommended. The amount data that ACS collects is huge!

5 Can Ops Manger 2007 be used to monitor Linux servers?
[ANS] Yes with the use of third party providers such as eXc Software, Engyro, Quest, Jalasoft, etc... Essentially how it works is, these providers will communicate with the nonWindows environment and feed information back to Ops Manager. For example, products like eXc software supports a wide range of connectors from OS to network device, printers, UPSes, storage, etc...

There was more... but i need to digest them first and find the answers. Will update on this sooooonn..

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