Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Windows Intune v2 Released with new stuff

Windows Intune v2 released today with some long needed additions for decent pc management.

Standard features such as inventory, forefront protection, monitoring and alerting were present and added the following:

1. Software Deployment

Intune now has the ability to deploy software from the cloud to any managed PC. You will first have to upload the neccessary software to the cloud service and the space provided is 2GB

Uploading is simple, just click on the link provided and the wizard will request for the location of the file

Some new reports are useful relating to Licensing. If you upload your Microsoft Agreement number, Intune will capture all the neccessary purchase records and report to you in Intune for you to compare with the installed software

Other subtle features are, the ability to execute remote tasks such as Run a Malware Scan, Reboot the machine AND ability to perform basic hardware reporting customizations

Check out Windows Intune: